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Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)
Welcome to the home page of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group at The University Of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Western Clinical School, Westmead.
The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) was formed in early 2008. We are a student run group that aims to allow students to learn about emergency medicine.
We aim to organize events and activities to further student education both in clinical skills and academically. Meetings are held every two months.
Attending the EMIG meetings will also put you in contact with emergency medicine physicians and toxicologists that work right here at our clinical school! Come and meet people!
Some of the activities planned include suturing workshops, Introduction to Emergency Medicine, Administration of Local Anaesthetics, student led 'Not So Grand Rounds' and more.
You don't need to be a member to participate, nor is attendance limited to those planning a career in Emergency Medicine.  All are welcome and invited to attend.

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EMIG at your clinical school?
Did you know that the EMIG at Sydney Medical School, Western, is the first documented group of its kind in Australia?
The group introduced itself to the Emegency Medicine fraternity at the 2008 Scientific Meeting of the Australsian College for Emergency Medicine in Wellington, New Zealand.
If you are interested in starting an Emegency Medicine Interest Group at your clinical school, why not contact us for advice. Our email address is
Some of the Events Facilitated by the EMIG at Sydney Medical School, Western 
Suturing Workshop
Not So Grand Rounds
Airway Management Workshop
Disaster Medicine
ECGs Interactive workshop
Paediatric resuscitation
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